MSI Care for You Free PC Treatments 2022


*Terms & Condition.

** Applicable for all MSI laptops purchased within the last 5 years.


MSI care is a complementary service provided exclusively for all MSI laptop users.
The 3 treatment activities includes hardware/software check, air/fan vent cleaning and thermal compound repasting.
There will also be mystery prizes and gift to be given away when you visit us.

3 Treatment Activities

  • Hardware and software check

    To better understand your laptop performance and how to optimize it

  • Fan / Air Vent Cleaning

    To improve air flow and laptop performance

  • Thermal Compound Re-pasting

    To improve cooling of your laptop and increases durability

  • MSI Care for You PC Treatments (hereinafter referred to as "this programme") displays the eligble items in the registration system.
  • Eligible products entail all MSI laptop.
  • These products should be purchased within 5 years time (2017-2022).
  • Participants could enjoy 10% discount over replacement parts upon diagnosis.
  • MSI engineers could evaluate if the participant's product is appropriate for disassembly during the treatment or health check service, and they reserve the right to modify or reject the participant's product from the programme.
  • The time of treatment (health check) service will be depending on the condition of the product.
  • Please back up all data on the product before sending it to treatment (health check). MSI will not be in charge of data storage issues or recovery.
  • The programme does not include maintenance services. If the product is found to be malfunctional after the check-up, and that the participant agrees to repair, it will be handled in accordance with MSI's maintenance procedures.
  • MSI reserves the right to change or cancel the terms of this programme at any time.

How To Join

MSI Laptop User

All MSI users are welcome bring your laptop down for a complementary preventive maintenance.

Receive exclusive MSI merchandise and benefits.

Open to Public

Gifts redemption

1. Head down to the event at Challenger Bugis Flagship store (B1)

2. Snap a photo with our MSI displays

3. Post the photo and tag MSI Facebook or Instagram

4. Don't forget to follow us and be part of our MSI family

5. Redeem the gifts from our friendly staffs on-site

Terms & Conditions